Emerson launches reservoir modelling software

Emerson Automation Solutions has unveiled the Roxar API (Application Programming Interface), an extensibility solution for reservoir modelling that complements its Roxar RMS software.

According to Emerson, the Roxar API helps operators customise workflows to achieve specific goals, improves data management capabilities with greater interoperability and flexibility, preserves reservoir information across multiple-stage workflows, and enables users to analyse and visualise models in different ways for improved reservoir interpretation and increased recovery.

Using programming language Python, the Roxar API enables operators to integrate their own intellectual property into reservoir modelling workflows. In addition, applications can be written or extended to access RMS data.

This increased interoperability facilitates communication and information exchange between different software packages, ensuring maximum flexibility and expanding operators’ reservoir modelling capabilities, Emerson outlined in a statement.

“Too often in the past, reservoir modelling has been a fragmented and proprietary-dominated process with a lack of flexibility and interoperability. Vital data was often overlooked if it didn’t fit comfortably within the existing workflow,” Kjetil Fagervik, vice president of product development and marketing of Roxar Software Solutions, Emerson Automation Solutions, said.

“The Roxar API opens new possibilities for subsurface workflows, enabling users to build innovative geoscience, reservoir engineering and oilfield technology applications, adding company-specific goals to generic workflows, and unleashing new creativity in how we interpret our reservoir models.”

The Roxar API, which is complementary to RMS’s shared earth model, can be used in an open environment to expand the capabilities of existing software or used within the RMS environment to create unique solutions.

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