Emeco unleashes WesTrac IoT solution on rental equipment

Cat 793F mining truck being loaded. Image: Caterpillar.

Mining equipment rental company Emeco is bolstering its digital capabilities by rolling out an advanced Internet of Things (IoT) solution that will track and harvest data from its assets.

Emeco is implementing WesTrac’s MineQ IoT data solution into its fleet of trucks, excavators, dozers, loaders and graders across Australia.

In addition to helping Emeco efficiently coordinate its fleet, the company believes the analytics delivered by the EOS solution will bring major potential benefits to customers looking to increase their efficiency and profitability.

Developed by WesTrac, in association with partners in a range of sectors, MineQ is a cloud-based, single-point data platform.

MineQ’s implementation will provide Emeco with access to information on the operating conditions, performance and efficiency of its rental assets.

Emeco will use the system with its proprietary technology solution, EOS. In concert with WesTrac’s TrackQ solution, it will provide details of the precise location, usage and operational status of Emeco’s assets.

Managing director and chief executive Ian Testrow said Emeco’s customers were always searching for ways to boost productivity and reduce operating costs.

“Emeco will continue to find ways to enhance our customer value proposition through applications engineering, facilitated by our EOS technology and continued partnership with Quartile One (formerly Red Button Group),” Testrow said.

“As the first company in the sector to implement WesTrac’s MineQ and TrackQ technology, EOS will use continuous data from every asset to improve efficiency and uptime.”

WesTrac expects to connect more than 2000 machines through its various Caterpillar Productlink, MineStar and MineQ products over the next 12 months.

WesTrac general manager – technology Jean Ferreira said that with MineQ facilitated the flow of as many as 3.5 million data points from each asset daily.

“Emeco and WesTrac see MineQ as a game-changer in the industry, providing unprecedented access to important information,” he said.

“It will enable Emeco to achieve higher productivity for customers while managing the health and cost of their machines through EOS data analytics.”

Emeco is one of three companies in different sectors that has partnered with WesTrac to bring MineQ to market.

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