Electrical incident sparks concern

The Mines Inspectorate has issued a safety alert after two separate electrical incidents at the same underground mine.

The Queensland Mines Inspectorate has issued a safety alert after electrical cables were torn from their fittings in two separate incidents at the same underground mine.

According to the Inspectorate, electric cables on underground diesel machines were torn from their flameproof light fittings and electrical systems failed to operate on both occasions.

Laser testing of the alternators proved the protection systems were operational, and there was no evidence of sparking on the light fittings or cables involved.

The Mines Inspectorate is urging mines to review maintenance strategies for testing protection systems on underground mobile diesel machines.

If no maintenance strategies are in place, alternators must be tested without delay to ensure all protection systems are correctly operated.

Mines should also ensure flameproof light fittings and supply cables are adequately protected and that machine operators are informed of the potential severity of careless operation of underground mobile diesel machines.

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