Efficient connections for the Ex zone

In environments with high explosion risk (Ex zones), such as on oil and gas platforms, interfaces must fulfil special safety requirements so that plugging and unplugging does not ignite the atmosphere.

Harting offers connectors that meet the safety requirements for ignition protection in ex zones one and two. No changes to housings are required for integration into low-voltage switchgear, generator or pump control systems.

Oil and gas platforms need ambient data in order to monitor their installations, such as temperature and gas concentration. This information is collected via mobile devices. In order to transmit their data and signals to the installation’s control centre, the devices can dock at many different points on the platform. The faster the detectors can be connected, the greater the mobility.

In the “Ex” zone, the replacement of defective loads is complex: the power has to be switched off, defective equipment has to be uninstalled and replacement equipment must be installed.

In the case of a hard wiring, all cores would have to be fixed by screw or connected individually. Connectors, on the other hand, shorten the reaction time. They are touch-proof, so that no specialist personnel are needed for initial assembly and component exchange.

Assembly also requires no special tools: this accelerates replacement while maintaining all safety functions.

Explosion protection of type Intrinsic Safety is based on the limitation of the power circulating in intrinsic safe circuits so that electrical consumers can be safely operated even in an explosive environment. Han Ex connectors are part of a comprehensive power supply and allow the transition between hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

Han Ex connectors meet the standards for materials that are permitted to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres (IEC/EN 60 079-0). Thus, the housings are made of die-cast zinc to prevent them from being a potential source of ignition.

In addition, air and creepage distances are dimensioned in such a way that the connectors can be used in intrinsically safe circuits.

Due to the high requirements imposed on “ex-proof” equipment, many operators are reluctant to allow modifications to hoods/housings to be used in the “Ex” zone. Therefore, only existing cutouts are available for the necessary modification.

The Han Ex series solves the space problems with cable-to-cable housings which can be connected on the outside of the pressure-proof enclosure.

The portfolio of Han Ex connectors for explosion hazardous areas is characterised by a compact design, a high contact density and an easy assembly. Housing sizes range from 3 A to 48 B – the latter comprising hoods/housings that accommodate up to 2 x 24 contact inserts. Design is rich in variant: besides hoods and housings, bulkhead mounted as well as surface mounted housings are available.

Up to date, no connector portfolio for explosion hazardous areas can be compared with the relevant Harting series – e.g. regarding diversity of variants.

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