‘Ecovandals’ claim responsibility for anti-mining threats and graffiti

A group of self-proclaimed ‘ecovandals’ have claimed responsibility for vandalising a Wollongong home with anti-mining graffiti.

Earlier this year coal magnate Arun Jagatramka, who leads Gujarat NRE Coking Coal, had anti-mining slogans scrawled on the front fence of his million dollar property.

The messages read:

  • Climate criminal
  • Class war not climate change
  • No mines no masters
  • Shut down Russelvale Mine
  • I Smell a Gujarat
  • Can’t eat coal can’t drink gas

In an open letter claiming responsibility the vandals said: “… we refuse to sit idly by like ‘good’ lawful protesters, we will turn our outrage into action”.

“In attacking [Jagatramka’s] property we wished to send him a signal that neither his money nor the police can protect him from those who love wild nature more than money.”

The protestors said by stepping up “community action” there was also a chance they could stop the proposed Russelvale mine from going ahead, as well as other mining developments.

“Those who consider themselves environmentalists must move beyond the ineffectual protests and lobbying campaigns of mainstream environmental groups to direct acts of sabotage against the industrial tools of devastation,” they said.

After the attacks were made the NSW Minerals Council condemned the action and described Jagatramka as a “leading citizen”.

“Once again it appears that the so-called ‘anti-coal movement’ has been overtaken by extremists who are prepared to flout the law to make their point,” it said.

Read the full letter here.

Image source: Indymedia

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