Eco Village underway

BHP Billiton Iron Ore’s Eco Village projects are in full swing, with the first eco units complete and civil works well underway

TWO Eco Villages are being constructed as part of the first phase of BHP Billiton Iron Ore’s accommodation development project, which includes construction of a range of different accommodation types.

The eco units will provide high-quality accommodation for the company’s semi-residential workforce, with an emphasis on energy and water efficiency.

Each unit will be self-contained with kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities. The units will be considerably larger than traditional single accommodation, giving residents plenty of personal space and ensuring they can make themselves truly at home.

Civil works are underway at the first Eco Village at Gun Club Road, where 59 eco units will be located.

Some of the units will be temporarily located near the Police Station on Mindarra Street while the site is prepared.

Work at the site will include extensive landscaping, using plants which are well-suited to the East Pilbara region. Some 70% of the gardens at the two Villages will require no ongoing watering — considering that on average around 60% of household water use is in the garden, the water-wise planting is a big step toward water efficiency.

The first Eco Village is scheduled for completion in October 2007.

The second Eco Village will be constructed at Nicholls Place, and will include 37 eco units.

Civil works at this site will commence soon.

What makes the units so green?

Each eco unit has been given a five-and-a-half-star rating under the Nationwide House Energy Rating System, which is a fantastic result!

Paul Griffiths, BHP Billiton Iron Ore Project Supervisor, worked closely with Hodge and Collard Architects and McGrath Homes for several months to develop the eco unit design, which incorporates a number of environmentally friendly innovations to optimise energy and water efficiency.

*This article was first published in Oresome (June 2007 Volume 014) an internal publication published by BHP Billiton Iron Ore.

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