Eastern workers reluctant to make the move west

Despite miners raking it in, many young people in Sydney refuse to be swept up in the mining boom as WA is a state too far.

The fact that most workers would have to move to Western Australia has put many potential workers off the mining industry, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

This reluctance to move has aided in creating the shortfall in the boom state of around 76 000 jobs.

According to statistics from the WA Government, only about 3% of workers in WA's mining industry are people who have moved interstate.

One electrician told the SMH that despite the offer of $2000 a week he just wasn't interested in moving.

The potential jobs have been highlighted as a solution to the massive lay offs that have been made across smelters in Australia recently.

Many are likely to make the move into mining after Orica announced that it would be open to receiving job applications from the recently sacked Norsk Hydro smelter in the Hunter Valley.

It comes as Gina Rinehart's massive Roy Hill iron ore mine received approvals and Rinehart announced a plan to source 1700 foreign workers for the project.

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