Easier being green for ReNu in Tasmania

ReNu Energy is well on the way to completing the design of its green hydrogen electrolysis production facility, the Hydrogen Tasmania Brighton Project, north of Hobart.

Aiming to achieve early hydrogen production to support industry growth, the project is funded by ReNu Energy and developed by its wholly owned subsidiary Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen (CRH), which has executed an option to lease land owned by Bullock Property Developments and is negotiating supply of an electrolyser.

CRH managing director Geoffrey Drucker said the project may prove to be the first mover in commercial production of green hydrogen by electrolysis in Tasmania.

“Asociated gas blending and road transport trials will help to build public awareness and acceptance of hydrogen, while proven production is expected to attract further end-use applications to enhance emissions reduction priorities in the state,” he said.

“The project will create local jobs and can support the delivery of skills-enhanced personnel to service the fuel cell electric vehicles and gas sectors, along with the storage, transport and handling of hydrogen.”

The project has a planned capacity of up to 2 megawatts or 900 kilograms H2/day and will be designed to match expected hydrogen demand.

The availability of green hydrogen will provide the opportunity for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) manufacturers to establish vehicle capability on key routes, gas transporters to offer a decarbonisation option to customers and transport operators and their customers to have emission-free hydrogen fuel supplied for trial activities while proving FCEV viability.

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