Dump truck gets stuck on route to mine

One mining dump truck was a little too much for its transport truck, which overheated and left the dump truck stranded on the Toowoomba Range.

The Caterpillar 777F was begin transported from Brisbane to Darwin, however after the truck overheated the dump truck was left by the side of the road until it could be moved, The Chronicle reports.

The truck was bound for a manganese mine in the Northern Territory's Groote Eylandt region Caterpillar's Australia territory manager AJ Lee said.

The mine is most likely BHP Billiton's GEMCO mine, which gained approvals last year for the second phase of its expansion plans.

The US$279 million expansion Phase 2 project will increase GEMCO’s output capacity from 4.2 million tonnes per annum to 4.8 million tonnes annually due to the introduction of a dense media circuit by-pass facility.

GEMCO’s expansion will also increase road and port capacity to 5.9 million tonnes per annum, creating 1.1 million tonnes of extra capacity for future expansions.

"This is actually the baby of our dedicated machines," Lee said.

"It stands a bit over five metres high so it's effectively like driving a one-and-a-half, two-storey house around."

There has been no date set for the removal of the truck.


Image: A Cat 777F.

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