Drug use on mines back in the spotlight

The nation's peak mining bodies are calling for stricter regulation on synthetic drugs so companies can crack down on their use in Australian mines.

ABC News reports the Minerals Council told a NSW Parliament inquiry synthetic drugs needed to be regulated in a nation-wide approach.

It also said regulators needed to monitor manufacturers to ensure chemical changes did not result in workarounds where banned drugs became technically legal.

According to ABC News the NSW Minerals Council said a tough stance needed to be taken on synthetic drugs to ensure health and safety on site.

The news comes as the The Mining and Resource Contractors Safety Training Association plans a workshop later this month to help the mining industry understand the risks of drug use.

In a statement MARCSTA CEO Pat Gilroy said there was a "rapidly escalating epidemic of drug usage in the community" and miners needed to understand it risked their safety on site.

“Substance abuse in the general workplace continues to increase, and there are some very disturbing statistics emerging globally about the effects such abuse can cause,” he said.

“Not only does the abuse have the potential to cause death and/or serious injury, but there is also a financial toll/impost on business."

Last month a WA Health Department official and the Gypsy Joker gang were investigated by police over plans to tamper with urine tests and have gang members score mining jobs.

Image: Top News

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