Drug use a growing concern in mining: survey

Drug use is a growing issue in Australia’s mining industry, according to a survey from Mining People International (MPi).

In its latest poll, MPi asked: Do you think illicit drug usage by mining employees is becoming a bigger issue for mining companies?

More than 60 per cent of respondents to the poll believed drugs were becoming a bigger issue in Australia’s mining industry.

About 12.1 per cent of those surveyed responded that drugs were becoming a lesser issue, while 27.7 per cent felt there was no change.

Of the almost 800 people who took part in the survey, around 44 per cent were supervisors or managers in the mining industry.

MPi commented there appeared to be an alignment between the two demographics – supervisors/managers and non-supervisors/managers – that responded to the survey.

“While the results of this poll suggest things are getting worse, if one group had a wildly differing view to the other, that might have been cause for even bigger alarm,” according to MPi.

“Despite what many might have expected that, though, does not appear to be the case based on the results of this survey.

“We just hope that this alignment is not a symptom of broad acceptance that not much more can be done about the problem of drugs in Australia’s mining industry.”

Answer: Yes, I believe they are becoming a bigger issue.
(I am a supervisor/manager)               206        26.04%
(I am not a supervisor/manager)         270        34.13%

Answer: No, I believe they are becoming a lesser issue.
(I am a supervisor/manager)               52          6.57%
(I am not a supervisor/manager)         44          5.56%

Answer: I don’t believe it is getting any better or worse.
(I am a supervisor/manager)               91         11.52%
(I am not a supervisor/manager)        128       16.18%

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