Drill rig collapse sparks concern

Drill rig collapse prompts safety alert.

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has issued a safety alert following a drill rig collapse in NSW.

According to the DPI, an operator was attempting to lower the mast on a single pass over-burden drill rig before tramming off the bench and up the access ramp.

The operator had unlocked the mast locking pins and was lowering the equipment when the mast pivot points failed and caused it to collapse.

There were no recorded injuries. However, the drill sustained substantial damage.

Initial investigations suggest the mast pivot points failed where the bearing blocks were welded onto two vertical supports.

The rig also appeared to be cracking at the base of the bearing block support steel work.

The DPI is urging mines to complete pre-operational checks and inspect mast pivot points for any visual signs of failure.

Management should also consult equipment manufacturers about testing frequency and ensure detailed visual inspections are part of all periodic maintenance checks.

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