Drayton South miners hang shirts in protest

Mineworkers at Drayton South have protested against the knock-back of planning for an expansion to the Hunter Valley coal mine.

Around 100 miner’s high-viz shirts have been hung on a fence near a horse-stud, which has been considered part of the reason for rejection of the mine expansion.

With Anglo American stating it is now preparing for mine closure, workers were given the weekend off, time they spent hanging shirts near the Coolmore Stud.

With Drayton South to restart today, project director Rick Fairhurst said workers were receiving support from Anglo American.

"We've briefed employees at the mine and we also have an employee assistance program in place," he said.

"We will be helping and directing people towards that as needs be because inevitably there will be significant concerns from a number of employees about their future and where this is going to be leading to."

CFMEU district president Peter Jordan called on local member Michael Johnsen to “lead a delegation of mineworkers, business people, Drayton management and community representatives to confront the Premier”.

"[We need]to call on the Baird government to overturn the PAC decision and to rectify the situation and in turn restore some damn hope for those Drayton mineworkers,” he said.

Johnsen said the Drayton South decision had led to unnecessary community angst and a loss of investor confidence.

"Ultimately these decisions point to a lack of clarity in the planning processes," he said.

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