Dozer swallowed by coal stockpile

A bulldozer was yesterday ‘eaten’ by a coal stockpile at the RG Tanna Coal Terminal in Gladstone.

The dozer sank backwards into a feeder hole which was funneling the coal onto an underground conveyor belt, according to the Gladstone Observer.

No one was injured in the incident.

"At 1am Tuesday morning a dozer sank into a stockpile feeder at the RG Tanna Coal Terminal," a Gladstone Ports Corporation spokesperson stated.

"The operator was able to get out of the dozer by himself and reported no injuries.

Operations at the terminal were suspended following the accident.

A port recovery team is currently working towards removing the trapped dozer from the stockpile.

The coal terminal was originally known as the Clinton Coal Facility, but was renamed in 1994 after general manager Reg Tanna.

It is the fifth largest coal terminal in the world, and exports around 45 million tonnes annually.

Image: Christopher Chan

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