Don’t mine uranium in QLD: Fukushima survivor

A survivor of the Fukushima nuclear accident wants the QLD government to reinstate its ban on uranium mining.

Visiting Brisbane as part of a delegation from the Japanese disaster relief organisation Peace Boat, dairy farmer Hasegawa Kenichi said mining uranium was too dangerous.

"Uranium is something the human body cannot handle, cannot cope with. It's like opening Pandora's box," he told AAP.

"This government, all governments, must stop using this substance.

"It must be left underground."

The state government overturned a uranium mining ban last year which had lasted since 1982.

Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Andrew Cripps said the uranium deposits in the QLD were worth an estimated $10 billion.

The government appointed a five-member uranium implementation committee to recommend a best practice policy framework for the recommencement of uranium mining and export in Queensland. The committee is set to submit its findings to the government this month.

Peace Boast spokesman Akira Kawasaki urged the government to think about the nuclear accident and its devastating affects.

"Think about all those people, all those lives this substance destroyed, before making your decision," he told AAP.

"Don't make the mistake we did."

The Fukushima nuclear reactor was badly damaged and suffered multiple meltdowns when a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck Japan in March 2011.

Residents within an 80km radius of the plant were evacuated, with radioactive contamination of the land continuing.


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