Don’t Let Water Ruin Your Vital Data Assets

If you mix water with high-tech equipment and data assets, you are almost guaranteed to experience disasters left, right and centre.

Leaks can come from sources such as air conditioning systems, fire sprinkler systems, concealed piping and plumbing in adjacent rooms. Unfortunately, these threats can go unnoticed in facility communications rooms, but can be detrimental to the life of critical data assets.

If a leak allows liquid to come into contact with sensitive equipment in Control Rooms or Data Storage Facilities, the consequences could be anything from system disruptions and equipment and facility failures, to serious technical and structural damage to the entire plant infrastructure, leading to permanent data loss.

Events like this may bring all operations and IT services to a halt. With budgets already under strict scrutiny, stunted operability could drastically affect the bottom line. Not only this, but permanent data loss resulting from water damage to data assets could ruin the reputation of businesses – a cost no business can afford in a highly competitive business landscape where reliability is crucial.

In order to prevent catastrophic events from occurring in the first place, Operations and IT managers need to seek out and employ systems that will prevent them from happening before the consequences of data loss, equipment damage, costly downtime and reputational damage can take hold.

Liquid leak detection can be used to protect equipment as well as plant workers – by monitoring for liquid leaks that cause life-safety hazards such as slips and falls.

What is LeakFilm?

LeakFilm is a liquid leak detection system that combines unique liquid-sensing film which can be networked into broader building alarm systems. When liquid comes into contact with the LeakFilm, your controller will alarm within a few seconds, allowing you address the situation without delay.

LeakFilm sensors can detect water, conductive liquids, strong acids, and hydrocarbons. The sensor can easily be installed with the adhesive tape backing, and in the event a sensor needs to be replaced LeakFilm can be easily spliced using the available connectors allowing easy and cost efficient replacement of LeakFilm sensors.

How it works

LeakFilm is a one-inch wide ribbon with tiny holes on top and a conductive solution inside. When liquid passes through the holes and touches the circuit film’s wires, a change in the electrical resistivity will be detected by the LeakFilm controller’s algorithm, and will signal a leak detection — so you can protect your assets and prevent downtime.

The most reliable, durable & cost-effective solution

As well as being easy to install and maintain, durable and flexible with a long life, LeakFilm provides a fast response. When LeakFilm senses a liquid leak, the LeakFilm controller immediately notifies you so you can address the situation without delay.

For more information on how LeakFilm can protect your data assets from water damage, click here

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