Don’t blame us for FIFO problems: Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto says governments need to take more responsibility for the development of regional communities instead of leaving it all up to mining companies.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports Rio's head of government affairs Mark O'Neil told the Federal fly-in fly-out inquiry the Government needed to focus more on mining communities.

The comments come as other MPs take fire at the resources industry for leaving responsibility for the social problems of mining wholly up to the Government.

AAP reports Bendigo MP Steve Gibbons told the inquiry mining companies attempted to externalise too many of the industry's problems.

"Don’t you think companies have a responsibility to provide at lease in part, workforce training, planning and to make sure you've got a ready qualified workforce they can access?" he said.

Rio told the inquiry it paid around $5 billion in corporate income tax and over $2 billion in state royalties in 2011 and governments should be directing those funds to the mining regions that needed them most.

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