Don’t Be Complacent About Non-Compliance

In the increasingly competitive economic landscape of mining, businesses are being hard pressed to achieve optimal efficiencies at minimum costs – but this can often result in cutting equipment compliance corners.

Unfortunately, failure to ensure that all mine site hoisting systems, winders and other essential equipment are in compliance with the relevant local statutory Regulations and Acts as well as any applicable Australian Standards can cause detrimental effects. By overlooking equipment compliance, companies are jeopardising their own financial, reputational and personnel safety standings.

Non-compliance common in Australia – Don’t risk it!

There are a significant number of winder and hoisting systems within Australian mines that currently fail to comply with relevant Australian Standards including AS61508 (if applicable), and in the case of NSW, Mining Design Guidelines MDG33 and MDG 2005. These systems have generally been in use for a considerable period of service without having been upgraded or replaced in recent years.

On a financial level, non-compliance can lead to fines and penalties imposed by governments for operating a mine site in defiance of legislation requiring Standard-compliant equipment. Other financial costs are felt due to production shut downs due to replacing or maintenance of equipment, as well as compensations paid to workers who have been injured while working with sub-standard equipment.  

Taking steps to minimise or avoid the risks of equipment non-compliance is the role of every responsible manager. Companies can obtain an inspection and audit from a suitable outside party expert in equipment, Standards, compliance and customisation by arranging an inspection and audit of their equipment and facilities. Solutions are available to rectify out-of-date and non-compliant equipment and technology through retrofitting and upgrading hoisting and winding equipment.

Electrical & automation solutions could save you

SIEMAG TEGBERG offer its customers complete turnkey electrical and automation solutions where non-compliance is found. From fully integrated systems for new installations to refurbishment and upgrades, the company offers locally engineered, tailor-made solutions to fit varied applications – including Control & Safety systems designed to meet specific standards.

In situations where it is found that a mining site is deficient in the functional safety requirements of their systems, SIEMAG TECBERG’s technological solutions are ready for installation and adaptation to suit specific requirements of any given mining site.

It can be easy to overlook the necessity to ensure that equipment meets mandatory regulations and relevant Australian standards, but it is vital for managers to ensure compliance.

For more information on SIEMAG TECBERG’s offering of electrical and automation solutions for winding and hoisting equipment and electrical systems compliance in mines, download their free whitepaper here.

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