Do you have a story idea for Australian Mining?

After the success of our Christmas giveaway we’ve decided to put another fine, die-cast model truck up for grabs.

This time Komatsu Australia has supplied us with a shiny new 960E haul truck scale model.

The competition is open to all of our readers, whether in print or online. In order to get your hands on this great prize, there’s a very simple way to enter. Just email us at and…

Tell us your best story idea, one for the Australian Mining editorial team to work on this year. It could be about something that’s happening (or better yet, about to happen) at your workplace. It could be an outline for a profile of someone who has done a lot in your workplace or for the industry.

It could be a breaking news tip that no-one knows about yet, that helps us to get the jump on a new national story so we can report it first, the right way.

Perhaps you’re excited about a new technology that’s going to make your life easier, or you want to see a review of some tried and tested machinery that serves the industry reliably every day.

Here at Australian Mining we’re always looking for new story ideas so we can bring you the news and features you want to read.

So tell us what you think should be gracing our webpages and magazine in the coming months for your chance to win this beautiful Komatsu model, and see your story idea go into print before a national audience.

The Australian Mining editorial team will give a week of notice before judging and announcing the winner of the Komatsu truck, but we’ll keep this competition going all year, with a new prize every month. Readers can enter with as many different story ideas as they like.

A few facts about the Komatsu 960E:

The 960E truck is the largest model in the Komatsu Group and measures 7 meters high with tyres spanning a diameter of almost 4 metres.

As in the case of Komatsu’s other super-large electric-drive haul trucks (EDT), the 960E was designed and developed by Komatsu America Corp. and is produced at its Peoria Manufacturing Operation in Illinois for mines around the world.

The 960E is equipped with a 3,500 horsepower engine providing the lowest brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) at rated horsepower for this truck class.

It has a nominal payload of 327 metric tonnes and in Australia it is utilized within overburden haul and dump operations. Currently there are more than 40 operating 960E units within Australia.

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