DMP launches online minerals pilot program

The West Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) has launched the first Australian online minerals pilot program.
This pilot program will allow the DMP to notify the public of mineral title applications through its website.
DMP director general Richard Sellers said this will give everyone access to the title applications.
He explained that “previously this information was only available through newspaper advertisements, paid for by the applicant, but now as a result of this program, anybody can access this information from anywhere in the world.”
The DMP plans to accrue this information over time to form an historic database and create a significant source of information regarding mining activities in Western Australia in a single portal.
“The program will run for three months and at the end of this period we will seek feedback from the industry and other stakeholders,” Sellers said.
Paid newspaper advertisements will continue for the length of the pilot program.
The mineral title application information can be sourced from the Department’s website.

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