Deswik launches new survey functionality for underground mining

The latest release of the Deswik.Suite software from global consulting and technology company Deswik features a new survey functionality for underground surveyors in mining environments.

Deswik.Suite 2016.1 integrates seamlessly with Leica instruments and features survey functions built on the CAD and plotting engine. The new functionality includes survey job management, in-built stations database and attribute values varying along polylines, along with advanced features such as automatic solids creation from tunnel as-builts, with the new functions allowing for dynamic data updating and rapid plot generation.

In May 2015, Stephen Rowles and Luke Waller from Independence Group NL were tasked with setting up best-of-breed systems for the survey department at the Nova Project in Western Australia. The survey functionality of Deswik software, which was already in use by the planners, was reviewed and the core CAD platform enhanced to suit the site needs and simplify the typical surveying processes.

According to Rowles, the senior surveyor at the Nova Project, they began working with Deswik in July 2015 with the primary objective of providing technical assistance to the development team to create a platform for underground surveying. He explained this would allow data in the mining sequence to flow seamlessly between departments, while simultaneously performing all of the functions they needed as surveyors.

Several core software functions have been built into the CAD package, improving processing time and data integrity. After ensuring the robustness of the lateral development side of Deswik.CAD, they are now focusing on the production side of the package. The survey functions enable data generated by the engineers and surveyors to be shared between the mining departments without need for file conversions.

The new survey functionality was released with an additional 141 enhancements to the Deswik software suite and two new underground tools – Deswik.Caving (cave flow modelling) and Deswik.UNO (underground network optimisation).

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