Desperate companies bid for FIFO workers

Mining companies will start bidding for workers in the mining and resources industries today with the full launch of FIFObids.

The new portal has been online since April and has over 14,000 skilled workers and 583 companies signed up.

In a statement FIFO bids co-founder Mike Haywood said the website would help workers match mining jobs to their family and lifestyle, and help employers fill empty positions.

Using the system workers sign up free of charge and employers bid on their labour, similar to an online auction.

The company said workers on FIFObids had an average 12 years experience and 85 per cent were happy to travel.

"FIFObids has 290 available engineers, 92 geologists and surveyors, and 790 electrical and mechanical trades who are willing to travel," it said.

Earlier this year FIFObids said it hoped to cut down on the practice of using 'benchwarmers'.

Workers known as 'benchwarmers' are kept employed when they're unneeded because finding new workers is so difficult.

In some cases workers have spent two to 12 months at home earning over $100,000 a year before being needed on site.

Click here to visit FIFObids.

Image: Investor Property

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