Dead man’s supervisor charged with drug supply

The supervisor of a worker found dead in Queensland last week has been charged with drug offences allegedly linked to the incident.

A 34-year-old Ostwald Bros employee was found in his room at the construction project at Eurombah Creek after failing to appear at a morning meeting last Friday.

Police said an investigation into the death had led to the arrest of his 33-year-old supervisor, The Chronicle reported.

"Inquiries related to that death led police to locate the drug offences," Detective Sergeant James Steginga said.

"He was a supervisor of the deceased."

The man was charged with possession and supply after a small amount of marijuana was found.

"Drugs were located and further information was obtained which led to the further charge of supply," Det Steginga said.

The man has since resigned from his job at the Ostwald Bros site.

Ostwald Bros has released the following statement:

"An Ostwald Bros supervising employee resigned yesterday from his position with the company.

We understand that this employee may be facing charges by Queensland Police for alleged illegal activity.

On Friday 12 September 2014, this same employee had discovered and alerted authorities to a fellow employee from the crew he supervised whom was subsequently discovered to have died in his room. 

The death is still part of an ongoing Police investigation and the circumstances surrounding it have not yet been established.

Ostwald Bros primary focus at this time is for the bereaved family of their team member who passed last Friday."

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