Day two of M&E exceeds expectations

As day two of M&E NSW winds down, event organisers have seen better than expected numbers.

Speaking to Reed Mining Events director Paul Baker, he told Australian Mining that "it's been very good numbers today".

He stated that it began with "a solid start yesterday; and today has been even better.

"The feedback has been positive, so this first venture in Newcastle has been very good."

So far the visitor numbers have been above that of the show's last event in Muswellbrook in 2009.

"However it isn't just about the volume of people passing through the door," Baker stated.

"It's also about the quality of the people coming through, and we've seen a lot of the decision makers, front liners, and operators so far."

Today's showed was also the Women in Mining theme day, and hosted a panel discussion that featured women across a range of jobs that work within mining.

"The panel was well received, the panellists themselves were insightful," Baker said.

Beaconsfield mine tragedy survivor Brant Webb also made another appearance, hosting a second session describing the event in detail and hosting a Q&A session as well.

While this event is not the first M&E NSW, it is the first time the show has been hosted in Newcastle, and "has been a real learning experience for next time," Baker told Australian Mining.

However "some of the feedback we've gotten is that Newcastle is really looking to adopt the show" and tie the event to the city in the same was as Mackay has done with the Queensland Mining and Engineering exhibition.

According to Baker, despite the show only half way through Reed is already planning for the next event.

"There are already plans for a bigger show next time, and we are seeing interest for 2014."

Speaking to some of the staff at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre, where the show is held, they said expansion of the event beyond its current size would not be an issue.

They pointed to the recent trade skills show as an example of the potential capacity of the event.

Tomorrow the event will hold a 'frontliners' day, staging crib sessions at midday.

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