Data Loggers Deliver Reliable Data Analysis in Remote Locations

The heavy industries place workers and machinery in some of the toughest working conditions out there – making life difficult for the execution of faultless data management and transmission. But tough conditions in remote environments are no excuse for poor equipment performance or a lack of connectivity.

With mobile networks serving as the backbone of productivity and communication in remote locations, a mobile network outage can have debilitating ramifications for mine sites including lost production and downtime as well as posing various safety risks.  Whether these disruptions last for minutes or days, businesses simply cannot afford to suffer at the hands of technical failures.

Saving hours, or even minutes of unplanned downtime can save businesses significant resources and risk – especially when associated unplanned downtime can cost companies up to $180,000 per incident in lost production.  

In order to avoid interruptions to critical data transmission on mine sites, companies must implement reliable, durable and effective data logging and transmission equipment that can withstand the challenging conditions associated with the mining environment while delivering critical information collection and communication. Doing so is crucial for organisations who want to stay safe and run their critical operations efficiently.

Remote data monitoring solutions

A versatile data logging solution was required to record the different parameters from extensometers and hollow inclusion cells on a copper mine. This large-scale project required a large number of inputs to adequately monitor conditions throughout the mine.

The dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Data Logger is a robust, stand alone, ultra low power data logger with an integrated 2G/3G modem that allows it to be used across a wide variety of remote applications – the perfect solution for this application.

Installing 3 dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Data Loggers at key structural points belowground along with 3 dataTaker CEM20 Channel Expansion Modules gave operators a total of up to 105 analogue channels. The dataTakers were then connected to full bridge extensometers and hollow inclusion cells and immediately began collecting information on tensile, strain, and rock stress conditions from this extensive sensor array. The monitoring systems were located almost 4 kilometres from the nearest office, so an RS232 communications link was installed which gave the user the ability to send commands, view real time data and retrieve logged data from each of the loggers on the network.

These three recording systems were spread throughout the mine and their data remotely collected and periodically transmitted using RS-232 communication with the office PC on the surface to provide a highly accurate analysis of the structure’s condition.

For more information on the dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Data Logger, visit  or download the case study.

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