Data driven technologies to transform mining operations

Data driven technologies are set to transform the way mines are run for several decades to come, according to Dr Penny Stewart, managing director and founder of PETRA Data Science.

Speaking ahead of her presentation at the Austmine 2017 conference, Stewart said engineered data science allowed mines to predict and prevent downtime.

“What happens is our algorithms are put into the system, the algorithm analyses the ‘Internet of things’ data coming out of the machinery and uses it to predict down time in real-time,” Stewart said.

PETRA specialises in engineered data science including machine learning prediction, artificial intelligence and mine-to-mill big data optimisation.

Steward highlighted that PETRA’s Forestall algorithms are being used to predict GEHO slurry pump pressure spikes up to a day before they happen.

Stewart brought together a team of PhD qualified engineers, mathematician and programmers specifically to engineer data science solutions for the resources industry.

“In the case of digital transformation, diversity is most powerful when we develop transdisciplinary teams who think and act beyond traditional silos of domain expertise,” Stewart said.

Stewart will present at Austmine 2017’s The Digital Mine session, which will also feature other speakers who aim to lead mining into the digital future.

Her topic, Silent Music: Mining Case Studies in Machine Learning, will provide insights into engineered data science, and what improvements machine learning and big data can bring to the mining industry.

Stewart emphasised that data science skills will be vital for miners across the resources extraction process.

“There are so many options for upskilling into these data-driven professions that weren’t around even a decade ago,” she said.

“It’s a lot easier to get the necessary learning and educational programs at low or even no cost than it was ten years ago.”

The Austmine 2017: Mining’s Innovation Imperative conference takes place on May 22-24 May at the Perth Conference and Exhibition Centre, featuring the latest technological innovations in the resources sector.

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