Dangerous gas leak on Gorgon

Workers at the Gorgon LNG project were forced to down tools following a gas leak at the Acid Gas Removal Unit.

The leak, which occurred Thursday, last week, saw workers forced to leave the site and wait in their rooms until the situation was rectified, according to the West Australian.

According to a source close to the situation, the leak was known at 11 pm however workers were not immediately told and were still on site and working in the now hazardous area after midnight.

“Workers were informed to leave the work fronts at 2:45 am,” the source told Australian Mining.

“The alarm finally sounded at 3:25 am; workers were told to return to camp early at 4 am.”

This was supported by the CFMEU, which stated there were reports that workers on the island were not initially told of the gas leak when they were asked to step down and demobilise.

There is understood to be between 2000 and 4000 workers at the site.

Chevron confirmed the leak, telling The West it had responded to a minor gas leak at the Gorgon LNG plant on Barrow Island, adding workers in the area were evacuated and there were no injuries.

The incident is not expected to affect production, with Gorgon stating it remains on track to load the second cargo of LNG in the coming days.





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