Cut Resistance Technology: The Key to Mine Site Hand Safety

In today’s highly tech-savvy world, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with all the technological improvements being introduced across industries, designed to make our lives easier and safer.

3D printing is printing cost-effective parts, gas detection can be automated in mines and machine fatigue can now also be automated. The result of incorporating any number of these innovative technologies has the potential to improve operational efficiencies, worker productivity and overall business output.

In fact, improved technology is beginning to provide a competitive advantage to mine sites. The benefits are starting to be felt in the area of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for hand protection and cut resistance – and it’s about time.

Hand injuries are the second most commonly reported Lost Time Injury (LTI) after back injuries, and in 2008, Safe Work Australia reported that 34.9% of hospital admissions in the mining industry involved the hand and wrist.

Hand injuries not only threaten workers’ well-being, but affect a mine’s overall productivity and potential costly compensation claims –  with the total cost of injury per incident calculated  at over $60K between 2008-09.

With hands often being the body part nearest to hazards, there is an immediate need to focus on lowering exposure of hands to hazards that can cause serious injury. Ultimately, this will improve worker safety, production efficiency and cost-efficiencies on the larger scale.

Technology providing a competitive advantage

Improving technology in the area of cut resistance has made all of this possible. 

Ansell’s new INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology provides workers with greater cut protection, whilst providing high levels of dexterity at high levels of mechanical performance.

Connecting the expectations of affordability, cut protection, and high dexterity levels are Ansell’s new additions to the HyFlex® glove range – specifically tailored cut-resistant gloves that boast long life spans due to the durable materials used within them.

Ansell’s new INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology is a breakthrough in knitted glove protection, keeping hands secure from cut risks longer. It is a specialised knitting technology which blends engineered, synthetic and natural fibres into high performance yarns. This provides workers with high cut protection with exceptional comfort and dexterity; supporting increased speed, safety and efficiency of tasks.

This technology is intended to upgrade hand protection and productivity in work environments where sharp tools and materials are handled. The revolutionary INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology ultimately creates a safer glove experience for workers.

By employing HyFlex® gloves, mine sites can reduce the risk of hand injuries on site, reduce the risk of downtime due to hand injuries and ensure a safer and more efficient environment for workers.

For more information on Ansell’s INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology and HyFlex ® gloves, download their whitepaper here.

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