Curtin attracts new geoscience funding

Curtin University’s Professor Zheng-Xiang Li has been honoured as one of the world’s leading geoscience researchers, having received the Australian Laureate Fellowship from the Federal Government.

The fellowship is worth $2.9 million in funding over five years to Curtin’s Department of Applied Geology

This was the only award granted to a West Australian university out of 15 fellowships offered by the Department of Education and Training.

Curtin deputy vice-chancellor for research and development Professor Graeme Wright congratulated Professor Li, and said he was a great example of the high quality researchers the University had attracted.

“Professor Li’s achievements are a great tribute to his dedication and research excellence,” Wright said.

Curtin is committed to developing and supporting our researchers, to help them achieve their highest goals, and the University reach its full potential as an international leader in research.

“Curtin is widely recognised for its achievements and continues to progress and impact on a global scale.”

The fellowship project entitled ‘How the Earth works – toward building a new tectonic paradigm’ is expected to provide a better understanding of the geological evolution of the Earth.

Professor Li said we are still unsure of how the Earth’s “engine” works, particularly in relation to the forces that drive plate tectonics.

“The project involves extensive national and international collaboration to potentially create a paradigm shift in our understanding of global tectonics.

“It will also contribute to a better understanding of the formation and distribution of Earth resources, thus provide a conceptual framework for their exploration.”

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