Current-limiting circuit breaker offer fast-acting protection

Industrial automation customers can improve their short-circuit protection with a new line of current-limiting, moulded-case circuit breakers, claims Rockwell Automation.

The line expands the Allen-Bradley Bulletin 140G moulded-case circuit breakers and offers more comprehensive, fast-acting, short-circuit protection, according to the manufacturer.

The line expansion protects against overload, short-circuit and ground-fault conditions. The new line of circuit breakers is listed as current limiting and reacts to circuit overloads two to three times faster than standard circuit breakers.

“While all molded-case circuit breakers provide some level of energy limitation, our new current-limiting option is a high-performance circuit breaker,” said Steve Amor, product manager – Industrial Components, Rockwell Automation. “These current-limiting breakers have the ability to more quickly recognise and react to a short circuit – helping protect equipment from damage and expensive downtime when there is a sudden increase in current.”

The new line is said to assist engineers achieve higher short-circuit ratings in the control panel as a result of their current-limiting ability. In areas where there is a high fault, the current-limiting circuit breaker can reduce the energy let through by more than 50 percent. This current limitation results in less stress and potential damage to downstream components.

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