Curragh cuts hours to save jobs

Curragh coal mine has taken a different approach to cutting costs, by cutting hours instead of workers.

As the coal price continues to suffer downwards pressure, many miners are taking drastic action such as removing tonnages and shedding workers in an effort to alleviate costs.

However Wesfarmers Curragh coal mine has taken a different tack, emulating Glencore’s efforts last Christmas break, by reducing hours and keeping its workforce, albeit on reduced wages.

“In response to a further deterioration in the coal price and general market conditions Wesfarmers Curragh has advised its workforce of a number of changes to rosters at the mine,” a Curragh spokesperson told Australian Mining.

“The changes will involve some employees moving to 5 day 8 hour rosters; consultation on a new 7 day 8.5 hour roster has also commenced.

“The changes reflect the need to further reduce mine site costs in order to remain sustainable in the longer term. Since the downturn in the coal market some 18 months ago Curragh has made it a priority to protect the jobs of its full-time permanent wages workforce and this most recent change is consistent with that approach.”

According to CQ News, these reductions in hours may lead to wage losses of around $30,000 annually.

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