CSIRO enters mining research partnership

CSIRO and and CRCMining have entered a research partnership to create the mining innovation powerhouse, Mining3.

With its headquarters in Brisbane, Mining3’s combined research expertise from technical experts, industry thought leaders, and industry members will enable it to develop technologies for the mining sector.

“The mining industry must change if it’s to keep up with increasing economic, environmental and social pressures, and have a productive future,” former CRCMining CEO and new Mining3 CEO, Professor Paul Lever said.

“Mining3 is focused on shortening the innovation cycle to provide quicker benefits to the industry.

“We do this by involving mining companies throughout the research process and accelerating commercialisation of outcomes.”

The site will specialise in rock sensing and characterisation, excavation, blasting, haulage, automation, geomechanics, energy, performance, safety and process optimisation for both surface and underground mining.

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