CSIRO backs Mount Peake lithium project


The CSIRO is teaming up with Australasian Gold to complete a lithium exploration research project at its Mount Peake pegmatite field in the Northern Territory.

It comes as part of the CSIRO’s Kick-Start program which will see Australia’s national science agency fund 50 per cent of the project.

Through the CSIRO, Australasian Gold will gain access to state-of-the-art technology, including optical, thermal and geophysical remote sensing data analysis and interpretation workflows, as well as instrumental equipment to identify potential key features of lithium-bearing pegmatites.

Australasian Gold has already scoped the pegmatite field through a recent field mapping program at Mount Peake.

The study identified several major pegmatite outcrops in the northwest corner of the license, showcasing the potential of the project.

Australasian Gold managing director Qingtao Zeng said he is excited to commence work with the CSIRO.

“We are delighted to be able to team up with CSIRO to accelerate our lithium exploration program,” he said.

“CSIRO are true innovators with cutting-edge equipment and knowledge learned from previous lithium exploration research.”

Zeng said the partnership will benefit both organisations with CSIRO provided the opportunity to road-test its technology through the project.

“We are very excited to put these techniques to the test at our Mount Peake lithium pegmatite project and in return we will be assisting with the ongoing refinement of the CSIRO’s spectral sensing techniques used for future lithium exploration,” he said.

“CSIRO will be empowering us with the latest equipment capable of identifying most lithium-bearing minerals in the field, and enables us to rapidly hone into the right area to explore.”

Zeng said, with the help of the CSIRO, Australasian Gold hopes to accelerate its efforts to identify the most prosperous areas of the pegmatite field.

The CSIRO will use the experience it has gained from previous research efforts at the Greenbushes and Pilgangoora lithium mines in Western Australia, which both returned insightful analysis into the potential of the respective projects.

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