Crushed coal miner wins payout

A worker who was crushed at a Lake Macqaurie coal mine has been awarded more than half a million dollars.

A court ruled yesterday that Centennial Coal's Newstan mine was liable for the incident, even though the injured miner was employed by another company at the time, according to the Newcastle Herald.

The worker, Andrew McDonald, had previously worked at the Newstan mine for more than two decades before entering retirement.

However the coal mining company arranged for McDonald to work for another company so he could continue operations at the site.

The incident in question occurred in September 2008 when McDonald shifted a metal leg on a roof support, causing it to move and crush him.

The court ruled that Centennial was at fault and should have provided adequate safety measures.

"[He] was working at Centennial's mine full-time, he received his instructions on a daily basis from Centennial personnel, used its equipment and generally followed its procedures," the court was told.

"It may be deduced in general terms that Centennial treated the plaintiff as if he were an employee."

The Newstan mine is not to be confused with the Newstan Locheil mine, which was formerly known as Awaba East.

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