Crocodile Gold miners save burnt woman

A group of gold miners have saved a woman who was seriously burnt in a petrol fire.

The miners, from the nearby Crocodile Gold’s Cosmo Deeps operation,  found the 74 year old woman roaming near the Stuart Highway, about 150 kilometres south of Darwin yesterday, according to the ABC.

The NT News reported that around five cars drove past the badly burned woman before the miners saw her and stopped.

They performed emergency treatment and rushed her to Cosmo Deeps medical facilities where mine paramedics immediately treated her.

She was later flown to Royal Darwin Hospital, after being placed in an induced coma.

It is understood that the woman accidentally set herself alight when she tried to start a fire with petrol.

“She told the mine workers who started treatment and the medical team from the TIO rescue helicopter that she tried to throw some petrol on to a fire to get it going,” CareFlight director Ian Badham said.

“It flared up, leaving her with severe burns to her upper body.”

According to the CareFlight doctor the 74 year old woman would have died if not for the actions of the miners.


Image: NT News/ CareFlight

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