Crane injury prompts safety alert

Industry and Investment NSW has released a safety alert after a worker was struck by a falling crane A-frame.

Industry and Investment NSW has issued a safety alert, after a worker was injured at a mine site when a crane A-frame fell onto him.

According to the Department, the rigger was leaning across the fly jib to couple the electrical connections for the overwind sensor on the hoist rope when the incident occurred.

The crane operators were making changes to crane fly jib configuration in preparation for the next series of lifts, which the A-frame mast hanging unsecured.

The A-frame mast fell forward and landed on the rigger’s upper torso, resulting in rib fractures and other injuries.

According to the Department, the incident could have been more severe and even resulted in a fatality, had the rigger been in a position closer to the head of the main jib.

An initial investigation into the incident identified the workgroup had made an incorrect assumption that the tube on the A-frame mast was a double-acting retainer, which they believed secured it in position.

The team also failed to isolate gravitation energy and put people in pinch point areas.

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