Court dismisses claims against Newcrest

The NSW Supreme Court has dismissed claims against miner Newcrest's operations in the state’s Central West..

Judge James Stevenson ruled that even though Newcrest breached a confidentiality agreement with exploration company Gold and Copper Resources, [GCR] there were no financial losses as a result.

Newcrest owns and operates the Cadia gold mine located about 25km from Orange.

The Lucknow based GCR claimed Newcrest breached a confidentiality agreement in 2009 while negotiating with the Department of Primary Industries over the renewal of two exploration licences in the Cadia Valley.

Australian Mining reported GCR began legal proceedings against the miner last year.

In a statement, a spokesman for GCR said the agreement related to use of electro-magnetic surveying technology which can identify minerals deep in the ground, ABC reported.

Judge Stevenson found while Newcrest's talks with the DPI were in breach of the agreement, it was not probable GCR had suffered any loss or that Newcrest has made any profit as result.

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