Council looks to ban FIFO in non-remote areas

A NSW council has put forth a motion to ban fly in fly out miners in the region.

Lithgow City Council, in New South Wales' Central West, has put forward the motion, adding that state and federal governments should also ban these miners in areas that are not remote, according to the ABC.

The motion seeks to make the ban a condition of future mining approvals.

Neville Castle, Lithgow's mayor, said that FIFO workers are the cause of many social and economic problems.

"We had the mining related councils meeting last week and got quite a good response when we mentioned that that was going to be coming up, but I guess it's going to be hard to tell how the Sydney councils are going to react to that, but they may well not understand the whole situation of it," Castle said.

However he did admit that FIFO is not an issue for Lithgow.

"As mining takes place in more and more remote parts of Lithgow, where people might be up to an hour out of the main part of Lithgow, there may be a tendency for people to not stay in Lithgow as much, but certainly it's not as bigger a problem here."

FIFO miners have been blamed for many social problems in their working regions, such as violence, pushing up housing and accommodation prices, and a rise in sex workers in the nearby towns.

However recent studies by John Scott and Victor Minichiello have dismissed the FIFO fears, stating that a fear of the unknown and the outsider is the main reason FIFO miners have been blamed for a rise in crime, despite actual statistics pointing to a plateauing or even drop in crime numbers.

Fly in fly out work forces are more prevalent in Western Australia and Queensland than NSW.

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