Cost vs Hand Safety: Technology Ending the Tug-of-War

We can all relate to the fact that technology is ever-evolving; constantly changing, improving and being updated to make our lives easier and safer in every way.

From interactive GPS maps and tracking devices to automated gas detection in mines, innovative technology is being designed to improve operational efficiencies, worker productivity and overall business output.

So much so is technology becoming a primary focus within the mining and manufacturing industry, its benefits are trickling down and being felt in the area of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for hand protection and cut resistance.

Worksafe Victoria reported that in 2006/7, hand injuries accounted for 22% of injuries sustained by people working in maintenance and servicing in manufacturing, while a 2008 Safe Work Australia report noted that 34.9% of hospital admissions in the mining industry involved the hand and wrist.

With the results of ensuing Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) often threatening workers’ well-being, plants’ productivity and leading to costly compensation claims and elevated insurance premiums for companies, ensuring workers are equipped with the best hand protection technology and equipment is critical. 

Eliminating the battle between cost and safety

Mining sites and industrial facilities are stringently regulated by formalised Work Health & Safety guidelines that apply to aspects of tools, work practices and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for workers, however Safety Managers often butt heads with Purchasing Officers when it comes to investing in the best cut resistant gloves for workers. Where one party wants the best in safety, the other wants to save money.

But with improving technology in the area of cut resistance, this battle no longer needs to exist.

Connecting the expectations of affordability and cut protection, are Ansell’s new Hyflex® gloves, a specifically tailored cut-resistant glove also boasting an increased life span due to the durable materials used within them.

Ansell’s new Intercept™ Cut Resistance Technology, used in their Hyflex® gloves, is a specialized knitting technology which blends engineered, synthetic and natural fibres into high performance yarns. The lighter gauge of the Hyflex® glove provides workers with high-cut protection exceptional comfort and dexterity; ensuring increased speed, safety and efficiency of tasks.

By employing Hyflex® gloves, workplaces can reduce the risk of hand injuries on site, reduce the risk of downtime due to hand injuries, ensure a safer and more efficient environment for workers and a safety culture that could even mean winning future contracts.  

For more information on the Hyflex® gloves by Ansell, download their whitepaper here.

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