Cost cutting when it comes to wear parts can result in massive costs, for small savings

According to Ernst & Young, productivity is in the top two rankings for business risks facing mining companies in 2015-2016.

Whilst most miners have commenced actions to regain the productivity lost during the boom years, the need for sustainable and enduring productivity improvements remains vital for survival and prosperity, says the report.

Unfortunately, the pressure facing industrial businesses today has led to a loss of long term focus in cost analysis, as miners push assets and equipment beyond capacity in an effort to improve productivity.

This has ultimately led to concerns about sustainable production and long-term efficiency.

When it comes to wear parts – equipment that is often viewed as a necessity, not an investment- miners need to consider the decisions they make that have the capacity to improve efficiency.

Wear parts, such as tray, chute and crusher liners, cutting edges, dozer blades and buckets all inevitably wear down; such is the nature of their job, and thus miners sometimes see little value in investing in high quality parts, especially when a business’s priorities is focused around bringing in as much money as possible today, with less thought about tomorrow.

By investing in solutions that focus not simply on the immediate lower costs, but on the long term return on investment that can be achieved by using high quality wear parts and materials, businesses can offset increasing costs by reducing the need for maintenance and downtime down the line.

Customised solutions, for the hard yards

While there are an abundant number of materials now available that claim to combat wear, it takes quality manufacturing processes to ensure the consistency of thorough hardness and repeatability that can give a mine confidence to extend maintenance intervals.

By making the right choice in terms of wear resistant materials and components for your operations to begin with, the potential to achieve greater efficiency is within reach.

How can you ensure you make the right selection?

Click here to read this whitepaper Wearing the Cost of Downtime: Why it Pays to Invest in the Best” to find out.

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