CORRECTION: July 2015 print edition

CORRECTION: Australian Mining wishes to apologise for a factual error in the July 2015 print edition of the magazine.

On page 20 the caption attached to a photograph of Toro Energy managing director Dr. Vanessa Guthrie stated "…she once chained herself to a tree to protest mining".

This is incorrect: Dr Guthrie did not protest against mining.

At the Minerals Week conference in Canberra on June 3 Dr Guthrie explained that she had been involved in environmental activism during the 1980s.

"Back in the early 80s I was an activist," she said.

"I do have an environmental degree. I have chained myself to a tree. I did vote '1983 No Dams'. So I think I have an affinity and affiliation for how those people feel."

Dr Guthrie explained to Australian Mining that in the incident to which she referred she was protesting against the Franklin Dam.

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