Corporate and financial records stolen as Palmer’s office broken in to

Mining magnate Clive Palmer says a burglary at his company’s Brisbane office overnight was politically motivated.

Police are investigating the incident after a computer and financial records were stolen.

Palmer said the incident is linked to his decision to run in the September federal election with the United Australia Party, ABC reported.

"I had a telephone call from our financial adviser Michael Dahl who said there'd been a break-in to our financial section, that his computer had been stolen and other items had been stolen and been gone through, which I can't go through," he said.

"The police are now investigating.

"Of course this could have been a coincidence.

"This could have just happened after the polls were published showing we had 30 to 40 per cent of the people, so we can't be too upset about it, you know.

"But what we want for an election is absolute transparency."

Last week, Palmer announced he will form his own political party for this year’s federal election, fielding candidates in 150 House or Representative seats as well as the Senate.

"We think we've got some great ideas, we think we can contribute to the debate and hopefully we can get the support of Australians," Palmer said of the move.

"It's not reasonable to say Australians will vote for a party or their votes are locked in before the contest. Let's have the contest, let's have the best ideas out there, let's let the people decide."

“Julia Gillard and the Labor government are on the nose but Australians are also clearly disillusioned with both the major political parties,” he said.


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