Cornwall Resources – A Micromine Case Study

Cornwall Resources is a joint venture between AIM listed Strategic Minerals and ASX listed New Age Exploration Ltd., exploring the exciting Redmoor tin-tungsten deposit.

The project is near to Callington, within the world class Cornwall tin-tungsten-copper mineral province that has in the past been a significant contributor to the British economy.

In October 2012, Cornwall Resources acquired the rights, through an exploration licence and mining lease option arrangement, over a 23km2 area surrounding the Redmoor deposit in the Cornish tin-tungsten copper mining district in the UK.


In early 2017 Cornwall Resources was setting up an exploration department ahead of a 7,000m diamond drill program. Whilst this was a new exploration activity, Cornwall Resources also utilised a database from drilling conducted in the early 1980’s.

The company needed a solution that would cover both basic Geographic Information System functionality for drill collar and access planning, surface mapping and 3D modelling using both old and new data. At this stage, the company did not require mine design functionality.

These objectives could only be achieved through the implementation of a third-party software solution that would facilitate more effective and efficient processes.


In March 2017, Cornwall Resources chose to implement MICROMINE’s exploration and mine design solution Micromine across its operations. The decision was made after reviewing Micromine against other leading competitors. Cornwall Resources invested in a singular dongle based Micromine license and subsequently added a network licence over a VPN so that users could log in from alternative locations.

Micromine is a modular solution that allows you to capture, manage and interpret critical mining and exploration data. For explorers, Micromine provides complete visibility of projects so you can target prospective regions more accurately, increasing efficiency and success.

For miners, Micromine provides easy-to-use modelling, estimation, and design tools to simplify your day-to-day design and production tasks.

Superior Usability

“We chose Micromine over one other seriously considered industry leading competitor due to ease of use, intuitiveness and sense of control over the software.”

“We received a 3-day tailored training course at our office which was excellent, and gave us a very good understanding of the package, which is trainer, and also the UI designers.”

Brett Grist, Exploration Manager, Cornwall Resources

“The modular nature of Micromine suited our business model as it could be expanded over time as our needs grow.”

“We were very satisfied with the pre- and post- implementation support. We found MICROMINE staff to be highly responsive to requests for assistance. The product specialists had an outstanding level of technical geological knowledge and understood the needs of our business. We were left feeling confident Micromine would meet our expectations.”

“Our staff were very receptive to the Micromine product. Some staff had experience in other general mining packages and found Micromine to be easier to set up and use and far more intuitive than competitor products.”


Cornwall Resources has used Micromine since the start of their operations and has seen the value the software brings to their exploration activities.

Grist explains “Micromine allows us, when combined with up to date drill survey data, to actively plan our drilling ‘on the go’, ensuring that every metre is optimally utilised”.

“We make particular use of the product for viewing drill results and geology in 3D, and wireframing to develop the geological model. We are carrying out significant orientated drilling and the structural geology functionality has been very useful both in displaying structures on drill traces and reviewing structural distributions on stereonets, allowing for the development of robust interpretations that are carried through into modelling”.

Through its integrated 3D modelling capabilities, Micromine has been able to provide Cornwall Resources with an in-depth understanding of their project. After using the product consistently across their business, Micromine has assisted Cornwall Resources to optimise a live drill program and rapidly interpret results, leading to efficient usage of valuable drill metres.

“Micromine continues to bring significant benefits to our exploration operations. The MICROMINE team worked closely with us to ensure they understood the needs of our business and were able to implement a tailored solution that adds real value”.

Dr James Blight, Senior Geologist, Cornwall Resources

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