Copper slurry spill at Darwin

There has been another copper concentrate spill at the Port of Darwin.

Close to 1000 litres of copper concentrate slurry has been spilled across the road and soil at the port, according to the NT News.

This comes as the Port is already facing prosecution for copper concentrate spills last year, after 20 tonnes spilled out on ANZAC day 2010.

Current acting chief executive Terry O’Connor said that this contamination was “embarrassing” but “has no relation to the current event before the court.”

The slurry spilled from a train on Sunday.

Port spokesperson Melissa Reiter told the NT News a wharf worker accidentally pierced a train kibble during the unloading process, causing the copper slurry to come out.

However “it was quickly contained and cleaned up, with none of the slurry entering the sea,” Reiter said.

Previous spills occurred during loading, often spilling from the conveyors.

The Northern Territory Government previously planned to spend $33 million to replace the bulk materials handling equipment, but later dropped the planned.

Territory treasurer Delia Lawrie said that while the conveyor systems will be upgraded, a new conveyor would not be needed until Minemakers’ Wonarah phosphate mine comes online.

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