Conveying systems that stack up

THE importance of capital savings in all areas of heavy industries can never be understated – especially when it concerns conveying systems.

The importance of capital savings in all areas of heavy industries can never be understated — especially when it concerns conveying systems.

Industrial Conveying (Aust) Pty Ltd has, therefore, developed its radial stacker technology not just to facilitate conveying services but also provide a high level of relocatability.

The technology is suitable across the industry spectrum, from the large multinationals in construction, mining and bulk handling to the moderate size players in the wood chipping industries, quarries, docks, factories and general bulk handling.

Radial stackers give more efficient stockpiling of product through the one materials handling system and execute bigger volumes of product.

Managing Director of Industrial Conveying, Don Erskine, says the radial stacker is also serving as a capital saving conveying system because you don’t need as many conveyors to deliver product to the various stockpiles.

“Two issues hold the key: the portability of the radial stacker and its relative affordability compared to other options in the market,” said Erskine.

“Particularly in the wood chipping industry, quarrying, agricultural industry and dockyards, stockpiling is a very cost-effective mode of operation.

“The radial stacker is allowing stockpiles to be more strategically placed, more quickly processed and, when there is a series of radial stackers, in many cases it works faster and more efficiently than a fixed conveyor system.”

Its simplified design is critical to its lower unit cost and very short delivery time. The system uses standard off-the-shelf components readily available in Australia and is not affected by parts delays like other systems that rely on imported parts and associated delivery delays.

Occupational health and safety factors are also very high. Radial Stackers have all the latest safety interlocks, pull cords, insulation switches, etc, so that the system fully interlocks.

It can be programmed not to collide with mounds because sonic detection devices stop it from crashing into stockpiles

Another key aspect is that this stacker not only travels radially, it can lower to nearly horizontal and elevate to 35º even with a 40 metre boom length.

Throughput can be as much as 2000 tph depending on how wide a belt is fitted. Only a reasonably smooth surface is required on which to operate.

Available to work on standard truck tyres or aircraft tyres, the Industrial Conveying radial stacker can be hydraulic- or electric-driven (including the belt).

A key gain for users is the aftermarket supply line which benefits productivity. Virtually all radial stackers in Australia originate from overseas companies and sourcing parts for breakdown repair can be fraught with time delays.

Industrial Conveying equipment is designed and manufactured locally, and great car has gone into ensuring that absolutely everything associated with the machine comprises components readily available in Australia.

For example, if anyone needs a gearbox or idler set, it can be found almost anywhere in Australia.

When a radial stacker is processing up to 2000 tph, any unscheduled shutdown becomes a productivity breaker, and Australian companies have long suffered extensive delays until components are shipped from overseas.

Now this problem is solved, as Industrial Conveying is a local company with a strong history in engineering/consulting so it oversees the complete lifecycle of this product with ongoing maintenance expertise.

Components used in each of its radial stackers can vary according to customer requirements. Paint finish is also according to preference.

Size of application is unlimited as the radial stacker can be used in any mining application or stockpiling of bulky goods. Where required, it is simple to operate a series of them in a chain so that each feeds the next.

Don Erskine

Industrial Conveying

03 5440 5100

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