Companies overlook older workers: report

According to an Australian Institute of Management report companies are focusing too heavily on training programs and overlooking mature workers.

The Australian reports the AIM survey finds while nearly eight in ten companies admit to suffering a skills shortage almost all of them rely on training initiatives rather than older workers to fill the gap.

According to The Australian the AIM said only three per cent of companies reporting a skills gap use baby boomers in coaching roles.

AIM Victoria CEO Susan Heron said mature workers were currently a "skills blindspot" for Australian businesses.

"Companies are placing great reliance on training and other mostly internal means to try to close their skills gap, but the one potential resource they are overlooking is their older and experienced staff," she said.

Other recruitment and training companies have already identified older workers, as well as female and Indigenous workers, as an untapped resource in the mining industry.

Itas Consulting owners Arthur Alexander previously told Australian Mining older workers could be of value to industries and companies suffering the skills shortage, and were more willing to share their expertise.

"Older people tend to be less driven by career ambition and much more willing to share knowledge," he said.

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