Community protests Mudgee mining camp

Moolarben Coal has seen stiff opposition to its proposal to build temporary workers accommodation for 300 staff.

The development proposal, near Turill, outside Mudgee in regional New South Wales, is causing concern for local residents who believe the town has neither the resources nor the capacity to house an extra 300 people, according to the ABC.

Local resident Carolyn Lutton, said Turill wouldn’t cope with the population growth.

"The big issue is swelling our little village, by 300 people – it's mind boggling. When you think of the impact it's going to have on the area, on the road, it's already a goat track in places. To get a medical appointment in Mudgee, you're waiting anything up to six weeks, you put 300 more people in our area, it impacts on that,” Lutton said.

Around 50 residents attended a public meeting, protesting the application, asking the camp be moved further away from Turill.

This isn’t the first time Moolarben Coal Operations have dealt with public backlash, earlier this year Australian Mining reported the company was fined more than $100,000 by the EPA for an uncontrolled contaminated water release in 2009.

An investigation revealed the company had cleared land and carried out earthworks but failed to enact erosion and sediment control to prevent runoff.

Image source: ABC

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