Coal train derails

 A freight train carrying coal has derailed at Coalcliff, on New South Wales’ south coast.

A broken axle on the Pacific National train is believed to be the cause of the derailment early this morning, according to the Illawarra Mercury.

Railcorp confirmed the incident, CEO Tony Eid telling the ABC that "initial reports suggest that there is approximately 400 metres of extensive damage to the infrastructure, more so to the track than the overhead but it looks like there’s some good damage".

Approximately nine wagons came off the trains, with another five coming to rest on their side.

The incident occurred at a choke point where two lines merge into a single rail line, causing high levels of infrastructure damage and completely blocking the line.

Trains are unlikely to be running on the line again until Sunday afternoon.

Image: Kirk Gilmour – Illawarra Mercury


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