Coal terminal queues reach record highs

Bottlenecks at coal terminals across the country have reached all time highs.

Ships queuing for Australian coal ports have reached an all time high of 223, costing millions in exports.

Bottlenecks at Australian coal port terminals, in particular cyclone affected Dalrymple Bay and Hay Point in Queensland, have created queues of up to two months.

The congestion, which has seen 103 ships waiting for access to Darymple and Hay point alone, is expected to cost Australia eight million tonnes of coal exports and millions of dollars.

The bottlenecks across the east coast come despite upgrades to a number of terminals as well as the first shipments from a third coal point terminal at Newcastle.

Coal infrastructure has already shown signs of strain since late last year after an unexpected increase in Chinese demand tested the struggling infrastructure.

According to reports from The Australian, port congestion in the country is already at levels three times higher than China.

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