Coal ship breaks loose in Gladstone

A loaded coal ship broke loose from its moorings in Gladstone Harbour, bringing the site to a standstill.

The bulk carrier, ULUSOY-12, was yesterday loading coal when mooring lines parted, sending the ship drifting in the harbour's main shipping channel, according to the Gladstone Observer.

"ULUSOY-12 was almost finished loading at Barney Point Coal Terminal when the vessel's mooring lines parted and the vessel drifted away from the berth and into the shipping channel," a Gladstone Ports Coproation spokesperson said.

"The vessel touched bottom, dropped anchor and did not continue to drift further into the shipping channel.

"GPC understands that no one was injured in the incident and no pollution of surrounding environs occurred."

Four tug boats were called in to right the wayward ship, and all passengers on the GLNG ferries were evacuated, however it is understood workers on the QCLNG ferries were not.

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Image: Gladstone Observer/ Ian McDermid

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